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Since 1995, the AAEF has sponsored numerous programs, including:


Anthony Shadid – Current Events in the Arab World
Adonis, the Poet
Salwa Mikdadi
– Arab Women in Art (Part of Arab Women Month)
Dr. Alia Arasoughly – Arab Women Filmmakers (Part of Arab Women Month)
Imam Yahya Hendi – Arab Women in Islam (Part of Arab Women Month)
Nathalie Handal – Arab Women in Poetry & Performance (Part of Arab Women Month)
Paul Silverstein – Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Lessons from France
Ilan Pappe – The Peace Charade in Palestine and Israel
As'ad AbuKhalil – The Bush Doctrine: Assumptions and Realities in the Arab World
George Sabra – Arab Christians and Christian Zionism
Dr. Rashid Khalidi – U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East
Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani – World Energy
Dr. Edward Said – The Question of Palestine
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi – The Peace Process
Ms. Zaha Hadid – Architecture of the Future
Dr. Robert Haddad – The History of Fundamentalism
Dr. Fadwa Malti Douglass – Survey of Modern Arab Literature
Ms. Ahdaf Soueif – Modern Arab Novels
Ms. Hanan al-Shaykh – The Modern Scheherazade


Arab Film Festival at Rice University Media Center (2001)
Arab films purchased for Arab Studies Department at Rice University (1998)
Arabian Sights – Arab Films at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (1997)


Simone Shahine
Marcel Khalife
Rami Khalife and Kinan Azmeh
Rami Khalife