Helen Zughaib Event

The AAEF Co-Sponsors a Presentation by Helen Zughaib at The University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas

On October 22, 2009, renowned Arab-American artist Helen Zughaib presented her work to the community at the
University of St. Thomas. The activity was sponsored by Al Nadi and the AAEF. Approximately 60 people, of all
cultural backgrounds, attended the lecture; some people had to stand in order to attend. She presented pieces that
were inspired from her recent diplomatic trip to the Palestinian Territories and from Stories My Father Told Me, her well-known series. Her experiences moved audience members to tears as she spoke to them on a different level. Her work has been collected by several leaders of state, large corporations, and several museums. Most recently, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have gifted her work to other world leaders.

     Ms. Zughaib went through the each story and spoke about the significance behind each painting. Her lecture was
brought to life by the vivid pictures on the screen behind her displaying the piece she was explaining. The mood
quickly switched from upbeat to somber as she spoke about the situation in the Middle East and the hope that lies in
her work for a better tomorrow.

     After the talk, audience members were privileged to be able to meet the artist and to see most of the work that was
included in her presentation in person as a small exhibit of her pieces was available. Overall, people were able to
come together as Ms. Zughaib spread the universal theme of unity and hope for a turbulent world.

     She has expressed great gratitude for being invited to one of Houston’s prestigious universities and plans on
returning next year for a formal exhibit. We hope to be able to welcome her back into our city as she continues to
promote good intentions into the lives of those she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Hopefully, we will all
be able to accept her message and be able to be.