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November 2018 Lecture


November Discussion with Both AAEF Chairs: Law and Revolution in the Arab Spring

Discussants: Dr Ussama Makdisi (Rice University) and Dr Abdel Razzaq Takriti (University of Houston)

About the event:

Dr Sultany presented his recent book, Law and Revolution: Legitimacy and Constitutionalism After the Arab Spring (Oxford University Press, 2017). This award winning book offers a critical re-examination of political, legal, and constitutional theory in light of the Arab Spring. It is a comprehensive study of the constitutional order that preceded and followed the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Jordan, Algeria, Oman, and Bahrain, while at the same time drawing on comparative insights derived from other revolutionary contexts. The book won the Society of Legal Scholars’ Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2018 and was a joint winner of the 2018 International Society of Public Law Book Prize.

About the speaker:

Dr Nimer Sultany is Senior Lecturer in Public Law at SOAS ( He holds a Doctor of Juridical Science degree from Harvard Law School, and was the recipient of the British Academy Fellowship (2016-2017) and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at SUNY Buffalo Law School (2012-2013). Prior to joining SOAS, he practiced human rights law in Israel/Palestine, and was the director of the Political Monitoring Project at Mada al-Carmel—The Arab Centre for Applied Social Research. He published extensively on constitutional theory, comparative constitutionalism, and Israeli jurisprudence. Other publications include: “The State of Progressive Constitutional Theory: The Paradox of Constitutional Democracy and the Project of Political Justification” in the Harvard Civil Rights—Civil Liberties Law Review; “Against Conceptualism: Islamic Law, Democracy, and Constitutionalism in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring” in the Boston University International Law Journal; and “Activism and Legitimation in Israel's Jurisprudence of Occupation” in Social & Legal Studies.

3rd Annual Fares Lecture at U of H

Nijad and Zeina Fares
Arab-American Educational Foundation Annual Distinguished Lecture
"1918: The End of the Great War in the Middle East and the Genesis of a Century of Conflict"

Eugene Rogan, PhD
Professor at the University of Oxford
Thursday, February 1, 2018
Reception 6:00 pm
Lecture 6:30 pm

University of Houston Alumni Association
O'Quinn Great Hall
3204 Cullen Boulevard
Nearest parking: TDECU Stadium Garage at 3579 Scott Street, Houston, TX 77004